Pain is complex, and beautiful

The beautiful thing about the complexity of pain, is that the complexity gives us millions of ways to influence it

Pain is a personal experience that forms upon many variable factors. We will probably never be able to sort out the exact factors contributing to your persistent pain, and the exact amount of which each factor contribute. And yes, they will somehow change all along the road. BUT, there are a lot of things you can do that can CHANGE pain, and those are things you can quiet easily control.


Get more sleep, and you might change pain

Be more active, and you might change pain

Eat healthier, and you might change pain

Play more with friends, and you might change pain

Learn something useful, and you might change pain

Pick up on your hobbies, and you might change pain

Worry a little less, and you might change pain

Say goodbye to some people, and you might change pain

Sort out your priorities, and you might change pain

Consider the triggers of your pain, and you might change pain

And the list goes on…


That’s the good thing about being a human; we don’t boil down to separate pieces. We are like art, the strokes all together make the picture, but the picture ain’t nothing without its separate strokes – and for sure; one stroke alone doesn’t do much. So even though a muscle (one stroke) hurts, the pain can change if we alter something else affecting it and our body. We can change what’s triggering that pain to occur, like altering our physical load, psychological load or some lifestyle stressors. A fire needs more than kindling to lit, pain needs more than our tissue.

Sometimes it’ll be useful to use the same sense we use when we have a headache, where we often put the explanation into stress, sleep quality, what we have eaten, issues at work and so on. We rarely think our head is injured in any way, but we see the pain in a bigger context. Try that with pain at other body locations, and I think you might end up surprised.

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